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Let Me Tell You Why I am Making This Offer and Why I Want You To Get A Copy of This Book:

Over the last 25 years, I've been obsessed with synthesizing everything as an entrepreneur for what it takes to build 
a comprehensive, bulletproof start-to-finish plan for taking businesses from the startup mode to the multimillion-dollar mark.

As you go on your journey in Power Your Profits, it will leave you breadcrumbs on your path to powerful profitability.

Learn how to:
  • Master your mindset
  • Lead your business with power
  • ​Plan for a profitable brand or business
  • ​Select and build an efficient team
  • ​Build and manage an Operations Infrastructure
  • ​Sell your products and services
  • ​Market and share your message
  • ​Do the math with your money and have fun doing it
When 2007 happened...when the economy crashed…and crashed HARD, I literally lost 90% of my net worth.

Life had brought me to my knees and I had no idea how to get back up.

I prayed to God and I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.  

And somewhere in the depths of my sadness and devastation...a sliver of grace fell upon me (as it always does in our worst moments), and I figured out my first step…

...and the next one…

...and the one after that.

Step by slow, painful step, I rebuilt my life and my business.

And while I’m so grateful for all the lessons I learned and for the life I’ve created since those dark days…

...a beautiful home...a loving relationship...and another multi-million dollar business that lets me do the work I love…

...I wouldn’t wish the crisis I went through on anyone!

What I wanted more than anything was for someone to show me the way out… just tell me the steps and give me the order in which to do them!

I didn’t have that luxury. I had to figure it out on my own and it was painful.

Since then, I’ve become OBSESSED with creating an easier path for other entrepreneurs to follow.  

I know I went through my hardships for a reason. I now have a gift I can help with. I can help businesses crises-proof their business to ensure it's built to last.

I’m more committed than ever to betting on myself (that’s what hitting rock bottom and building your way back to the top will teach you).

And I know my life’s purpose is to help other entrepreneurs - just like you - stick with your commitment to bet on yourself…

…even in today’s uncertain economy and unusual circumstances.

You deserve to get the dream that lives in your heart!

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Now, this hidden Power Your Profits formula used to generate millionaires and multi-millionaires for me and for my clients is now accessible to the average entrepreneur. 

Armed with this time-tested and repeatable're almost guaranteed to:
  • Predictable Profits 
  • ​8-Figure Revenue Streams
  • Endless Streams of New Customers and Clients
  • ​And most importantly… A Lifestyle You Love!

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In this exciting training I recorded for you, I challenged myself to help you find more money and more time in your business in one hour or less!  
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Expect to find the hidden money that exists in your business right now and pluck out the sneaky tasks that are sucking your time and energy (all in 1 hour or less!)

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Have you heard of people who have "blown up" financially? 
Have you noticed how some people have a lot of money and then lose it...or have excellent opportunities to start with, but then take a sharp nose dive?
Here’s the deal: The vast majority of people simply don’t have the internal capacity to create and hold on to large amounts of money because their unconscious beliefs don’t support it. These are beliefs that were programmed into us when we were growing up. Beliefs like…
…rich people are evil,
money is hard to make,
money doesn’t grow on trees,
there’s not enough money,
spending money is bad,
if I’m rich, people will judge me...
...and SO many more!
Most of the time, we don’t even know we have these beliefs until we take a deep dive inside of ourselves.  
And when you’re holding beliefs like these, you’re guaranteed to repel money!
In this 6 module course that I previously sold for $2500, you’ll discover exactly what limiting beliefs are holding you back from financial greatness....
...and how to pull them out of your mind like a weed!
Wisdom and Wealth will prepare you to take full advantage of the profit blueprint I give you in the Power Your Profits book!

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  • How to Keep Growing Your Business During the Pandemic - video training + workbook ($497 value) 
In this training, I give you the strategies I’m using right now in my own business to stay lean while continuing to bring in revenue and drive profits.  

I reveal what I’m cutting...what I’m keeping...and what I’m increasing to make sure I stay profitable and set myself up for even greater success as the economy gets rolling again.

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  • Combat Your Money Fears - video training + workbook ($497 value) 
Nothing kills momentum, business, and personal happiness like worrying about money. I get it! When I went through the crash of 2007 and lost everything, you can bet I was worried about money!    

But I realized that if I was going to climb my way out of the hole I was in, I had to take control of my thoughts and aim them toward making money , rather than toward the money I had lost.

This was one of the hardest things I had to learn - our thoughts naturally like to run wild with fear - especially in times of crisis. But with practice, I figured it out and I’m sharing my best strategies with you in this brand new video training!

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  • How to Take Your Live Events Online without Losing a Beat - video training + workbook ($897 value) 
In this super practical training, I break down the exact steps I went through to take my live, in-person Big Money Business Summit online.

According to MarketWatch, spending on virtual events is expected to grow to $252 Billion this year. And my bet is this isn’t just a trend...this is the wave of the future. 

If you want a piece of that profit pie, then watch this training to find out everything from how to design the to setup the how to bring in a sell-out crowd.

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My beloved Carder Crew is the first to hear about new trends I discover, hot marketing tips I test out, and what’s working right now in my business that you can steal and use in your business, too!

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We know that there is a lot of uncertainty in the world today. The world has quickly changed. Now is the time to create wealth opportunities during this crisis.

Use this BONUS session to turn your chaos into a crystal-clear plan of action, then the best thing you can do is jump on a call with one of my Profit Coaches. You will walk away with a path to profits.

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“Power Your Profits gives small business the road map they need to build the business of their dreams.” -- Lisa Sasevich, the “Queen of Sales Conversion” and author of Meant for More

“Power Your Profits sets up business to be financially responsible and profitable. Susie’s full-circle approach to each aspect of building a business creates a successful model for any type of business out there.” -- Bill Walsh, venture capitalist and business coach

“My business has grown over eighty percent after working with Susie and trying the strategies she lays out in Power Your Profits!” -- Dr. Judy Hinojosa, lead physician and owner of the Vitality Wellness Clinic

“Susie Carder is the power woman behind the leaders of today. I am proud to say that I am a shining example of how Susie's techniques in Power Your Profits, creates success in all aspects of life and business.” -- Lisa Nichols, founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc., and New York Times bestselling author

Finally Create The Business You Only Dreamed Of.
Learn The Insider Secrets And Strategies To Build A Profitable Business That Only The Top 1% Of Small Businesses Achieve! 

Courage is the KEY -- 
This Book Will Become Your Secret Weapon
If you’re… 

...Contemplating a big change in your business. 
...Unsatisfied with the kind of money you’re making now. 
...Ready for that next level, but unsure how to get there. 

...I’m with you. 

Over and over, I see entrepreneurs following systems that ultimately let them down. 

Taking that next step can feel like a gamble… 

Unless it isn’t. 

I have coached so many people who were right on the verge of making the kind of money they want…  

But just need to rearrange the pieces. 

Or others, who know all the marketing systems up and down, but somehow can’t make their offer POP and get the customers to come running. 

It’s simpler than you think, but with so many coaches clamoring for attention--it can be hard to know where to focus. 

So let me help you. 

Over the years, I’ve built not one, but two eight-figure businesses, and then repeated it again and again with my clients. 

My secrets aren’t mystical. They’re down-to-earth and practical. 
And I’m going to give them to you in my new Power Your Profits book--which you can order now. 

I’ll also throw in seven absolutely incredible bonuses to help you really get going, worth $6,800. Click here to see the bonuses that you will get instantly when you invest in my book for $26.88.

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Here's Just Some Of What You'll Find Inside Your Copy Of This Extraordinary New Book:

Mastering Your Mindset.  Back in 2005, I received an offer to buy my business for millions of dollars. I had started as a hairdresser making twenty-five thousand dollars per year, and I created a beauty industry giant that sold for millions! I always built my businesses as if they would one day be sold and now that time had finally come. Putting a plan in place and building business systems helped me to live that American dream. This book will help you to map that out for yourself. This book is the journey; it leaves the bread crumbs on the path to powerful profitability. I am going to share with you the lessons I had to learn the hard way. I am going to challenge you to take the actions that I know will lead you to business success. (Page 10)
Leading Your Business With Power. Who do you have to become to lead a profitable business? Not every entrepreneur is well suited for each stage of growth that a company will travel through to reach the top. The skills that it takes to launch a business are not the same as those needed to grow, leverage, or fine-tune the business. Do you have all the other skill sets it takes beyond just the skills of the technician? (Page 43)
Planning Your Profitable Business. Your business plan isn’t just a road map for your success; it can also be a powerful fund-raiser. When I wrote the business plan for Motivating the Masses Inc., we were able to use it to raise $2.5 million. We would not have done that without a solid plan that showed a clear path to success. (Page 67)
Selecting and Building Your Team. Every business needs to create guiding principles for its team to live by. You create these principles with your team, even if it is just one other person, or you will create them yourself and share. To create these principles, you have to look at what is important to the business (which you expressed in the planning phase with your vision and mission), what’s the thing that’s going to wake you up every morning, and what behaviors you will honor with your clients, whether you feel like it or not. (Page 119)
Operations Infrastructure. When I stepped in as a consultant to Motivating the Masses Inc., a company led by internationally known transformational speaker Lisa Nichols, it had plenty of potential, but it was standing on shaky ground. The business relied on her to survive, so she couldn’t take a break if she wanted to. The business was fragmented, almost entirely virtual, and had growing sales that were not hitting the bottom line. I came in and established systems, order, and standards, and within a year the company had grown 254 percent. A year later, that growth skyrocketed to 3,000 percent. And year-over-year growth has been between 30 and 75 percent since then. (Page 143)
Selling Your Products and Services. How can you discover the weakness in your sales process? We are going to talk about several key issues that will help you find pockets of money that you are either losing or not using. Looking at your current sales can help you to make more money without even winning new clients. (Page 173)
Marketing and Sharing Your Message. Effective marketing re-quires a systematic approach. Sure, you can be creative in your messaging and hire creative copywriters for your marketing campaigns, but there is still a system behind what you do. There is also a brand that can either help or hinder what you are trying to do, whether you realize it or not. Take a look at your current brand—how does it speak to your ideal client? Does it say “Wow” or does it say outdated? I update my brand every couple of years because my business and I have grown, and I want to be in alignment with what I put out in the universe. (Page 215)
Math Is Money and Money Is Fun. This chapter is near and dear to my heart because it was one of my biggest obstacles and biggest breakthroughs. Understanding your money, both in your personal life and in business, can impact your success so powerfully and dramatically that its importance cannot be understated. I don’t just mean knowing where you spend money or creating a budget you are never going to follow—I mean having a deep understanding of what dollars you want to create, how your dollars can come to you, what they will do for you, and how you use them to leverage yourself and your business, and how to keep those dollars in your financial accounts so they can grow. (Page 243)
You Got This. It is easy to allow yourself to get frustrated that you are not there yet. When you spend time planning your future business direction, you have this cognitive dissonance that says, “That’s what I want, but this is where I am. I am not there yet. Why not?” On the one hand, that is good tension to have. It means that you recognize that you have not become all that you intend to be, so step into action and you can make it your reality. (Page 285)
Hi, I’m Susie Carder and, if this is your story, I’m here to tell you you’re not alone.
In fact, you’re in the majority! 
I am a globally recognized profitablity coach. My radical business strategies have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owerns achieve exponential growth and triple their profits. As a private consultant, I coach small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs in professional management and efficiency to streamline channels of profit for companies. 

I am the former president and COO of Motivating the Masses, Inc., an international transformation and training company for snall business owners led by Lisa Nichols. We have been featured in the New York Times, the Associated Press, the United States of Chamber of Commerce, and NBC News, to name a few. 

I have worked with top leaders in the world of business, including: John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey, Zenovia Andrews, Keri Murphy, Doug Carter, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Thompson Learning, Dell, and many more!
I can help YOU get these kind of results…
Lauren Gartland, founder of Inspiring Champions, increased her closing percentage by 37% and increased her revenue by 25%, or $772,000, within 2 months of our working together.
Alyse McConnell, a corporate trainer, increased her income by 123% in less than one year of our working together and increased her trainings from 15 annually to 70 annually!
Katja Kempe Vavika, founder of Viveka, built the largest marketplace for connecting coaches with individuals and companies within 1 year of our working together. She increased her revenue by 60%, secured investors, and grew her membership to over 3000 speakers.
Naomi Sodomin came to me wanting to start a business from scratch. We created her first $100,000 launch, got 36 people in her first group-coaching program, and she wrote a book and became a #1 international best-selling author.